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The Ron master tailor has been great dealing in men top wear clothes such as different style bespoke suits, shirts and blazers as well as in all type bottom wear dresses at the very reasonable prices. We are one of the best custom tailor in Singapore. We specialize in different style custom men shirts, trousers. We always realize that the customer should be satisfied.



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In across Singapore ‘Ron Master Tailors’ has been popularly known for its new services for the unique design apparels for women, men and kids as the very reliable name among so many custom tailors in Singapore. We always deal in all kind of wearable clothing dresses for multi purposes like casuals or formal, bespoke suits, shirts and pants, all ladies wear of all style, summer and winter coats, trousers, tuxedoes and many more.


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“Dressing sense speaks about one’s personality and status”

The complete history of the gradual development of human civilization has strongly supported this view with one voice without any hitch that proper clothing plays a pivotal role in increasing our personality in the right sense and rest all the aspects exist later. Ergo, the history of tailoring and tailors in our world cannot be determined accurately. A true tailor with a large experience may design out the copy of one’s physic through his tailoring expertise.

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In present scenario, people belonging to any race, religion, gender or status around the world pay more and more attention to avail a charming personality that may help him to stand in the crowd a class apart with an aristocratic dressing sense and for that they spend hefty amount as well and the search for the most brilliant tailors across the world goes on incessant.

“The peerless solution stands here just behind you”

Ron Master Tailors is a name among tailors in Singapore that assures its clients a complete relax pertaining to get a suit or any wearable dress of one’s choice for every need. We are one of the oldest tailoring brands whose credibility, experience, perfection, and commitment is widely acknowledged and have never been questioned as well.  We expertise our long experience with a view to deliver the most desirable suiting to our party and to maintain our identity through true service.

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This all becomes possible by dint of our highly talented tailors in Singapore who work with their extreme dedication. Furthermore, our center is excellently furnished where we furnish our job through the latest stitching machines; sewing threads of different fabric and color used by us are only of the finest quality which brings a charm to the cloth after finishing.

The most important and beginning part of this whole story is the appropriate measurement and exact scissoring and our brilliant masters execute their expertise at their level the best. On the other hand, we better understand the wish of our clients and for that, we possess a large catalog as well to choose the most desirable style.  We are having a good range of tailoring services for wearable items, such as top wearing, bottom wearing, rental suits, casuals, and much more for men, women as well as for kids.

The Best Tailors in Singapore for Custom Tuxedos

All across the world, tailors have always been regarded as one of the most important persons in our society as they offer us most suitable dresses of our choice. The main key of tailoring depends on four pillars i.e. adequate measurement, perfect scissoring,  proper and durable stitching and the most significant is on time delivery. Of course, our dress reflects our personality the best. So, searching of the best tailors in Singapore and other countries is relevant and important as well.

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With a true and wide identity, ‘Ron Master tailors’ is known as the finest one among the best tailors in Singapore for all kinds of wearable raiment for all occasions. Our expertise can be availed equally by all men, women, girls and boys and children. We are committed to furnish our best of our long experience and dedication to deliver the most desirable and perfect dress.

Our specialised custom tuxedos in Singapore gain a distinctive importance as we apply the best of our calibre. These charming and comfortable tuxedos are prepared with acute attention in order to suit the personality of our client. Moreover, attachable accessories like, buttons, collars, zip, cuff links and so on are of the finest quality. The best part of our service begins with offering a large catalogue to our clients with a view to select the most appropriate style or design they want and the complete path ends with the delivery that is made exactly on time.

Different catalogues are available for both men and women in order to enjoy the best experience with our specialised custom tuxedos in Singapore. We pay attention for both the outlook as well as the internal fitting which brings a charm to your personality as well as a comfort while putting it on.
For more details please do visit our website and call us for an order or any query/suggestion and be sure you will gain the best from us.

Why Bespoke Tailoring Is Still the Way to Go

In today’s time when rushing to and through everything is so much a style as a way to be, people hardly have time to get their clothes personally tailored. Most of us are satisfied with picks and finds from the ready-to-wear section even when they do not bring together comfort and fashion in the most desirable way. But, if you are too particular about what you wear in public, particularly in some occasions, bespoke tailors Singapore are who to contact.

Why Bespoke Tailoring Is Still the Way to Go

Here is a list-down of why, even in this day of readymade apparels, bespoke tailoring has an upper hand in fashion.

  • All luxe clothes are made to order by master tailors to fit a particular person with a specific body type and particular measurements.
  • Custom-tailored clothes do not have ill-fitting shoulders, gaping necklines, loose straps or bulging waistbands.
  • The best tailors in Singapore put into use mechanisms that are not known, nor mastered by regular professionals.
  • Perfect tailoring is the secret to revitalizing clothes that no longer fit you.
  • Both alteration and adjustment requests are carried out by these tailors.
  • Personal tailoring is the only way to make clothing sizes that accommodate bodies of all shapes and sizes.
  • The clothes are stitched with a little room to grow so that little nips and tucks can later be carried out to alter the fitting with the changing body shape.

There are both men’s and women’s tailors in Singapore that take personal requests and work only on made-to-fit orders. They do not charge as high as readymade garments come for. That said, the final cost of getting a dress or even a tuxedo tailored by a professional may be slightly lesser than the price at which luxe garments are sold in high-street stores.



Seek out the best Custom Tailors in Singapore to impress your Representatives by sewing your stuff

During a work, we try to reach our destination as soon as possible with full confidence. We tried to cater the best In front of our representatives. At this period our professional personality gives to us some extra self-confidence, and our personality has depended on our stuff as well in attendance outfit. Lots of authors have been saying that our clothes can attract to the people or we can impress as well increase business sales with our personality & work.

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At this modern time, each binge would be smart or fit to impress to a who are living with you. For this saturation, we find out the various fashion hubs to choose various types of clothes during shopping in Singapore. Even we can try tradition tailoring service to ready our good personality cloths for us. There we can give the size of our measurement of our body for fit clothes, suit, and tuxedos. We’ve to find some best Singapore tailors; they’ve offered classic tailoring to Singapore people

Ron Master Tailors: – Ron Master Tailors are the best online tailoring service provider in Singapore; We’ve been successfully completed up to 30 years in the Best custom tailor service. The customer can give the measurement in the offline store even visitor can book clothes by online store also at best market prices. Every time our professional staff looks out the new fashion or Sewing the clothes according to customer requirements. Men, Women suits, custom tuxedos & special ladies tailor is available there to provide the best class solution to online & offline clients.

The purchaser can give the order there to sewing the clothes as per customer requirement. On the other hand, Singapore old tailor option is also available for you to enhance your popularity through your stuff.