In today’s time when rushing to and through everything is so much a style as a way to be, people hardly have time to get their clothes personally tailored. Most of us are satisfied with picks and finds from the ready-to-wear section even when they do not bring together comfort and fashion in the most desirable way. But, if you are too particular about what you wear in public, particularly in some occasions, bespoke tailors Singapore are who to contact.

Why Bespoke Tailoring Is Still the Way to Go

Here is a list-down of why, even in this day of readymade apparels, bespoke tailoring has an upper hand in fashion.

  • All luxe clothes are made to order by master tailors to fit a particular person with a specific body type and particular measurements.
  • Custom-tailored clothes do not have ill-fitting shoulders, gaping necklines, loose straps or bulging waistbands.
  • The best tailors in Singapore put into use mechanisms that are not known, nor mastered by regular professionals.
  • Perfect tailoring is the secret to revitalizing clothes that no longer fit you.
  • Both alteration and adjustment requests are carried out by these tailors.
  • Personal tailoring is the only way to make clothing sizes that accommodate bodies of all shapes and sizes.
  • The clothes are stitched with a little room to grow so that little nips and tucks can later be carried out to alter the fitting with the changing body shape.

There are both men’s and women’s tailors in Singapore that take personal requests and work only on made-to-fit orders. They do not charge as high as readymade garments come for. That said, the final cost of getting a dress or even a tuxedo tailored by a professional may be slightly lesser than the price at which luxe garments are sold in high-street stores.




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